Gaby and Bjargey

Gaby and Bjargey
Two Michigan girls, who enjoy experiencing the world. Currently based in Iceland, Toned and Traveled is the go ­to travel and lifestyle blog for women who are looking for tips and advice on traveling, health and wellness, and life.
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How to Establish a Routine

Living with a Routine A lot has changed over the past couple months, I recently moved to Chicago and accepted a new job! It’s a very exciting time and living in the city is a new adventure. With the changing weather, new work environment and experiences, it is so important for someone who is trying…

How to Plan a Trip on a Budget

Ballin’ on a Budget I am going to be completely honest, ballin’ on a budget isn’t easy in your 20’s. Especially, when it comes to traveling. I would love to go on luxurious trips all the time, but if I am being completely honest, it isn’t realistic. That’s why traveling on a budget is a great…

15-Minute Plyometric Workout

One of my favorite things to do is workout. I know that sounds clichè, but I am being honest. I love sweating, pushing myself to the limit and releasing stress. When I am limited with time or constantly on the go, I like to focus on plyometric training. Plyometrics are exercises in which muscles exert…