Gaby and Bjargey

Gaby and Bjargey
Two Michigan girls, who enjoy experiencing the world. Currently based in Iceland, Toned and Traveled is the go ­to travel and lifestyle blog for women who are looking for tips and advice on traveling, health and wellness, and life.
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How to Boost Your Immunity

It’s that time of year again, the weather is colder, the hours in the day seem shorter and for some reason everyone you know is getting sick. Now is the perfect time to start to take care of yourself and strengthening your immunity. I am the queen of running myself down. I keep pushing myself…

We’re Engaged!

On November 7, 2017, I became the most luckiest girl in the world. David and I had plans to see Hamilton downtown that night. When I arrived to the apartment he was dripping in sweat, when I asked him what was wrong he casually said it was “too warm” in the apartment. I still had…

How to Establish a Routine

Living with a Routine A lot has changed over the past couple months, I recently moved to Chicago and accepted a new job! It’s a very exciting time and living in the city is a new adventure. With the changing weather, new work environment and experiences, it is so important for someone who is trying…