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Making Memories in Munich

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Prost to Munich

Munich is one of my favorite cities to visit in Germany. I had visited it before when I was in high school but I was excited to be able to explore more of the city and enjoy traditional German beer. I stayed about 15 minutes outside the city center at the most perfect Airbnb.

I was hosted by an Italian – American family, which I was super excited about because I could communicate in either language. The mother’s name was Antonia and she had a wonderful daughter and son. They were very welcoming and their home was beautiful. I had my own private room and bathroom in the basement. There were two tram stops 5 minutes away and a great park for running right down the street.

After I was settled, I purchased a 3-day public transportation ticket and headed to the city center to meet my friend Florian. We met in college and he was working in Munich, so it was a perfect opportunity to reconnect! We walked around downtown until we stumbled upon a street festival. Hundreds of people filled the street. There was music, food and of course beer. We spent the night drinking, dancing and enjoying the night life.



Next next day, I started my morning at Daddy Long Legs Cafe. They had my favorite Acai bowls and green smoothies, so I could not pass it up. It was so refreshing after eating a lot of pretzels and drinking a lot of radlers. It was an extremely hot day, and nothing sounded appealing except hanging around the English Gardens.

This was a super cool area that reminded me of Central Park in New York. There were open fields to layout in the sun, shaded trails, and a “lazy” river to swim in. The day seemed to fly by here and before I knew it was grabbing lunch at Hand in Glück. This is like a chain restaurant around Munich with burgers and salads. It was a healthier option than a beer garden and something light before my nightly activities.

I met Flo for dinner and drinks at the Technical University of Munich. There is a rooftop bar called, Cafe Vorhoelzer. It is a low-key, locals only spot where you can enjoy specialty cocktails, beer, and pizza. Not to mention, a gorgeous view of the city and skyline. We enjoyed the night watching the final game of the Euros during the sunset. This was one of my FAVORITE spots in Munich. It is a MUST if you want a chill night away from the tourists. 

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The next morning, after a quick workout, I hopped on the tram to the center to walk through the open market. There were stands with fruit, vegetables, fresh baked goods, beer and meats. I purchased a quart of blueberries to enjoy while I walked from stand to stand.

The market was right down the street from the Original Hofbrauhaus so I decided there was no better time to stop in for a beer and pretzel. There was a traditional Polka band playing and every server was in Laderhosen. I ordered a dark Radler and it was delicious.

There is a lot of shopping in Munich and although I did not have the money or space in my suitcase to shop, I decided I would walk around and look at the stores. It was another hot day and I was craving one of my favorite treats, so I walked back to Daddy Long Legs for an Acai bowl to end my day in Munich.

When I returned home, I was invited to hangout with my host Antonia and her family. We sat at the kitchen table and enjoyed some wine. She had such a beautiful and welcoming soul. Her family was so welcoming and I learned that her husband had passed away earlier in the year. Due to this tragic loss, Antonia decided it would be a great opportunity for her family to welcome people into their home through Airbnb.

I could not imagine losing my dad, let alone my husband, but their family was strong and together so that was all that mattered. I asked her why she did not return to Italy and she told me it was because her children, she wanted what was best for them. I went to bed that night missing my family but with a happy heart meeting new friends.

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