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Gaby and Bjargey
Two Michigan girls, who enjoy experiencing the world. Currently based in Iceland, Toned and Traveled is the go ­to travel and lifestyle blog for women who are looking for tips and advice on traveling, health and wellness, and life.
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Why Traveling With a Friend is the Best

1. They make roadtrips seem shorter


2. They’ll make you take the road less traveled


3. They will always help you find your way 5ea83974e61ea224bc131dd9cdcd6484

4. They make you a little more outgoing6aa2cfbe4f37c4d89716761f44673536

5. They don’t mind getting lost 09c0d9484838b282c44a4fa7d8271f45

6. A friend will get your ass in the gym 019b1d207e2a252390687852b4425db9

7. They will help you reach the highest peaks 40baf9464632babf935458f30e78b124

8. They’re the only person who gets you 49c2aebee4e669d280e3953bcb89600e

9. They will make you step outside your comfort zone53e3d953125cc2a8999b22109845331e

10. You get a second suitcase of clothes to share 70d42b70da4eb3b9f21c39f12a86c0b5

11. Because sunsets look better when shared with someone133fe5cc4b780d2df45abc265d43762b

12. The fun is always endless  b05640d58fca5406cfeb170965dbd5e5

13. They know how to brighten your day d0ad40dce2cfe1c5d797e3adcfa314f3

14. A friend will always tell you the truth

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15.  If you jump, they’ll follow to make sure you’re okay  ed599aa004258243b1e96c5d7a6bbfdb

16. Sights are always better when you have someone to share them with  f73145d80a813fdcd65a7c4559e26b45

17. Because at the end of the day, they are your personb78efa6e458554ed156afcaf1d9de802

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