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Gaby and Bjargey
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We’re Engaged!

On November 7, 2017, I became the most luckiest girl in the world. David and I had plans to see Hamilton downtown that night. When I arrived to the apartment he was dripping in sweat, when I asked him what was wrong he casually said it was “too warm” in the apartment. I still had no clue as we headed to dinner and talked about how excited we were for the show.

You see, the first time David and I said “I Love You” to one another was after attending The Book of Mormon in New York City, so Broadway musicals were kind of our thing. When the play was finished – which was absolutely AMAZING – David wanted to go for drinks at the top of the Hancock building. Well, Grandma Gaby wanted to go to bed.

I started to become extra crabby. I begged him to go home, we both had work tomorrow and I didn’t want to ruin a fabulous night staying out too late. When we arrived at the Hancock, I was just being a brat so we could go home.

When we got to the top of the building, I bit my tongue. The view of the city was spectacular, the lights went on for miles and there wasn’t a cloud in sight. As I gazed out the window I quickly turned over my shoulder to ask David to get his phone out for a photo. Before I could even take another breath, he was on one knee with tears in his eyes.

I immediately blacked out and started to cry. I can’t even tell you what he said, I mean of course I had him repurpose the next day so I could hear it, but it was perfect. I said yes as he took out the ring and slipped it on my finger. It was a moment I have dreamed of for a very long time with the man of my dreams.

We celebrate with a bottle of champagne and calling our parents and my sister. It was a moment to cherish for a lifetime. As we take this next journey together, I am excited to share it with all of you. Thank you to all the friends and family for the kind words of support and love. We can’t wait for spring 2019!


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