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How to Embrace Change with the Solar Eclipse

I’m about to sound like the Hippy I am, but I’m super excited for this eclipse Monday! It is a symbol of change and new beginnings – no matter your sign. It is the perfect time to try something new, let go of the past, accept new challenges or find balance. Change is inevitable. Whether it be in your career, personal development, relationships or lifestyle, change is going to come.

While the sun is connected to your ego, interests and identity, the moon harnesses your emotions, instincts and intuition. When your masculine and feminine divinity comes together, they play a crucial role in your reaction to change.

Whether you are looking for healing or a new beginning, it is the perfect time to manifest greatness. Here are 5 ways you can embrace change leading up to the solar eclipse!

Welcoming Change

  1. Meditate
    • Focus on your breath to bring yourself into the present. Make it deep and pure, make space to accept change and release all anxiety of what the future holds. Sit in silence or use an app like Calm or Headspace for a guided meditation.
  2. Journal
    • Write down how you are feeling at that exact moment. It could be a sentence or five pages, write it down, color, draw – express your creativity.
  3. Be Mindful
    • Set the phone down, stay off social media, don’t binge on Netflix. Enjoy being in the present. If you can, go for a walk or lay in the grass. Reconnect with nature and clear your mind.
  4. Set Intentions
    • What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to do more of? Manifest change or a new lifestyle with goals. Whether you want to read more, up your yoga practice or eat more vegetables, now is the perfect time to prioritize.
  5. Cleanse
    • Organize your closet, clean out your makeup bag or desk at work. Make space for the new opportunities and grasp a sense of clarity by decluttering.



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