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Gaby and Bjargey
Two Michigan girls, who enjoy experiencing the world. Currently based in Iceland, Toned and Traveled is the go ­to travel and lifestyle blog for women who are looking for tips and advice on traveling, health and wellness, and life.
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  • Las Vegas: The Neon Museum and Red Rocks

Las Vegas: The Neon Museum and Red Rocks

Las Vegas is a fun city to visit. Catch the Celine Dion concert at the Colosseum, grab breakfast at Mon Ami Gabi or dance all night to The Chainsmokers at Hakkasan. Old town Vegas is worth checking out as well. The iconic street is filled with history and lights up at night. But, if you are looking for something more to do while in Vegas, I highly recommend going outside the city to the Neon Boneyard or hike Red Rock Canyon.

Viva Las Vegas

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