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The Post-Grad Gift Guide

I know I am about to state the obvious here, but can you believe it is already mid-December? CRAZY. I feel like I just graduated…wow.

It’s the season of giving, holiday parties with friends and quoting The Grinch (like every other day of the year). It’s also the time when your mom and grandma start asking you what you want and you have no idea. Buying gifts for your roommates and friends can be stressful, that’s why we have tried to make it easier. I asked some of my friends what was at the top of their gift list this year and combined it in a list just for you! Check it out!

Post-Grad Gift Guide

  1. Unlimited amounts of energy
  2. A magic Bullet
  3. Work clothes
  4. Paid workout classes
  5. Money
  6. Stability
  7. A trip
  8. More time in my day
  9. Resistance Bands
  10. A job
  11. A break
  12. A cooking class
  13. Plane tickets to see friends
  14. 90 min massage
  15. A fuzzy robe
  16. A juicer
  17. A keg of Kombucha
  18. A raise
  19. A backpack
  20. A winter coat
  21. Apartment décor/ furniture
  22. A Shinola Watch
  23. A gym bag
  24. A kick-ass female mentor
  25. A toolbox
  26. Lots of Tupperware
  27. A book club
  28. Advice on benefits and car insurance
  29. A solid/stable group of girlfriends
  30. “A handy neighbor that help fix things and kill bugs”
  31. A personal trainer
  32. Lulu gear
  33. A month of yoga
  34. A rock climbing membership
  35. Glossier products
  36. French Girl Organics bronzing oil 
  37. A new workout
  38. A planner
  39. Recyclable tote shopping bag
  40. OUAI products

Merry Christmas! Happy Hanukkah! Happy Holidays!

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